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A note about assisted adoptions for private parties:

This is a service that NBCR&P offers to dogs other than those in our care who are in need of homes. While we generally do not take in dogs surrendered by private parties, we do what we can to assist in the placement of the animals. We do, however, strongly encourage people to explore every possible alternative to surrendering their pets.

Please research and clarify any concerns, costs, or anything else that may arise as a problem PRIOR to acquisition of a particular dog. We suggest you do this with all types of rescues/adoptions or (heaven forbid!) purchases from breeders.  Our guidelines for assisted adoptions are listed below.

For more information about any of the dogs on this page, please email: North Bay Canine Rescue and Placement

If you can no longer keep your pets for any reason, please do all that you can to find them suitable homes before abandoning them to shelters.

Unless the facility is specifically a no-kill shelter, leaving them there puts them in great danger, as is the case with Belle and Spanky.

Belle and Spanky - Rest in Peace.

We are deeply troubled because Belle and Spanky, were surrendered to the humane society by their owner, who was going on a trip and would no longer care for them. 

She thought they would be safe at the shelter and that some lovely family would surely adopt them, but they were, in fact, euthanized.

This all-too-common optimism is troubling as well.  Shelters are not safe places for animals because of the overwhelming number of animals abandoned to them each day.  Giving up your "best friends" to a shelter, pound, humane society or animal control facility is not an alternative, it's a potential death sentence.

The harsh reality is that there are more animals needing homes than there are homes able to accommodate them, so many die every day, all year long, year after year.

These are the dogs that we have in our foster care plus the cats and dogs that we are cross posting for other shelters, private parties and rescues.

PLEASE check their bio before contacting North Bay to find out who you should contact about adopting them.



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Below are several shelter Web site addresses which are good resources for finding that perfect pet. An animal in a shelter is considered to be in a high-risk situation because of space limitations. The less room there is in a shelter, the higher the probability of euthanasia.  Many of the dogs in our care are "11th-hour rescues" from death row in kill facilities.  For this reason, we encourage you to consider shelter adoptions first, because we can't possibly pull all the dogs that need to be saved.  The animals in our care are, at least, safe, while animals in shelters face a less hopeful fate.
Alameda County:

TriValley Animal Rescue

Amador County:

Amador County Animal Shelter

209: 296-6856.

Calaveras County:

Calaveras County Humane Society


Calaveras County Animal Control

Lake County:


Marin County:

Marin Humane Society

San Francisco County:

San Francisco SPCA

San Francisco Animal Care
and Control


Sacramento County
Animal Care and Regulations

Sacramento SPCA

Sonoma County:

Sonoma County Animal
Care and Control

Humane Society & SPCA
of Sonoma County

Petaluma Animal Shelter

Healdsburg Animal Shelter

Rohnert Park Animal Shelter

Sonoma Valley

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Assisted private adoption guidelines:
bulletOwners must provide proof of spay/neuter, rabies & DHLPP vaccination, prior to the dog being profiled on our web site
bulletOwners provide bios and photos for the profile (we can scan photos)
bulletOwners are advised that potential adopter will first be directed to NBCR&P representative for initial screening.  Depending on the crisis/time frame of the need for placement, the adoption criteria will usually be that of NBCR&P.  (See our Adoption Guidelines section.)
bulletThere is a $20 donation to cover the cost of web administration, postage, and, mostly, the cost of phone bills (we return all calls regardless of location)
bulletOwners are sent adoption contracts, newspaper ad & flyer samples, temporary I.D. tags, suggested phone screening techniques when speaking with people responding to ads, etc. (see our Last Resort section)

Beyond the guidelines stated above, the adoption will be between the owner and adoptive party, and NBCR&P can only suggest that certain criteria be followed when placing the animal in a new home. Most often, private party adoptions have no fees, contracts, or commitment that the animal be returned to his or her original home should the adoption not work out. NBCR&P does not endorse this type of adoption.  

If you have a dog you need to find a new home for and would like to participate in our third party adoption program, please send a clear photograph of your pet (no polaroids, please), a brief yet concise bio of the dog (modeled after those above, stating name of the pet, age, approx. weight, description of personality, good with kids, cats, other dogs, etc.), proof of spay/neuter and shots, and a check in the amount of $20, and your contact information (full name, address & phone number).  We will keep the dog on the web site for as long as you wish, however, please remain in communication with us regarding the status of the placement.

Send the photo, dog's bio, proof of spay/neuter, check (made payable to North Bay Canine Rescue & Placement), and your name, address, and phone number directly to the NBCR&P at the following address:

Hollie Lama
North Bay Canine Rescue & Placement
Post Office Box 4522
Petaluma, CA 94955-4522

Remember, make your check payable to "North Bay Canine Rescue & Placement." 

If you would like, you may email us photo and bio, fax us the proof of spay or neuter and mail the check. PLEASE BE SURE TO SEND EVERYTHING ON THE SAME DAY. Once we receive the above, we will notify you that we have received all of the required information and that we have, in fact, placed your pet's photo & bio on this page.

There are many more dogs available than are profiled on this page.  As with all rescue groups, we constantly hear of other dogs in need of homes, and, while we try to update our web site regularly, getting photographs taken, film developed, and photos scanned for uploading onto the web site takes time. If you don't see the kind of dog you're looking for, please don't hesitate to call us. On a daily basis, we are in touch with shelters, pounds, humane societies, and other rescue organizations. While we will always recommend the hearty mutt, we will not hesitate to direct you toward a purebred organization, if that is your interest. Most pure breed organizations have members who are concerned with the rescue of that particular breed. If a mutt does not strike your fancy, we strongly encourage you to rescue, rather than buy outright, purebred dogs whenever possible. 

Our philosophy is: Don't Buy. Don't Breed. Rescue!!! 

There are many more dogs available. Please call us and we will gladly discuss your adoption options and help you decide which dog, if any, is best for your lifestyle.


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